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TiTiTi is a brand that continuously contributes products to the creators' economy. It is committed to combining online digital art, ACG culture, derivatives selling with Web3, building a perfect commission sharing and identity system, and continuously empowering the creators' economy.
The Problems We are Solving...
Fragmented Cultural Content
Currently, NFT-related creative works are scattered on different social platforms. There is no non-financial content distribution platform for cultural works specifically designed to categorize the NFT industry.
Lack of Trust in Business Collaboration
The current NFT market is rife with scams, Rug, single-market collaboration, closed information and lack of trust.
It is impossible to effectively bring creators/ operators/ projects together to facilitate business cooperation.
Imperfect Commission Sharing Mechanism
Long-term artists/Cosplayers/video makers etc. who contribute to various NFT communities are not rewarded accordingly.
The current commission sharing mechanism for primary and secondary sales does not provide a better incentive for the communities to empower the NFT culture.
Ti Station is committed to solving these problems and helping the development of NFT cultural, creators' economy. And to build for NFT IP to be able to take a place in the global Top IP.

Ti Station

Showcase and monetize your artwork, discover NFT Circles.
Open Circle feature for quality NFT projects, aggregating comics, illustrations and cosplay works of NFT community, solving the problem that the contents of works in NFT community are scattered in various platforms without unified classification and the resulting lack of a series of cultural ecology of NFT industry.
Posts, Replies, Sharing & Reactions
Likes, Favorites, Follow
Management, Distribution
NFT Shop
Combine the creators' works with the selling information of NFT on the chain, guide users to appreciate the works while generating the desire to buy through the creators' content, and distribute the commissions from the sales to NFT sellers and creators who help them dump in a more reasonable way.
List, Pick, Purchase
Earn, Commission
Creator Business Center
The Creators Business Center is a gateway to resources to build projects. It connects creators, IP holders and supporters to open up new ways of co-creation. Creators/ project owners/ operators can share cases and collaborate on commercialization in the Creators' Center.
Trust, Open, Transparent